New Hours

Monday CLOSED--Tuesday:Noon to 6:00--Wednesday: Noon to 6:00--Thursday: Noon to 6:00--Friday Noon to 6:00

                                                                         Saturday: 11:00--3:00

Covid 19 UPDATE JUNE 2020


Speaking about new hours! Following CDC regulations, means, as of right now we are only allowing 2 customers in the store at a time.

If you are uncomfortable with this then please feel free to make an appointment before coming in. We want everyone to be at there comfort level.  

Please understand you may have to wait since there is a limit to the number of customers able to shop at once.

We are also working on an online shopping site that will be ready very soon. We will keep you updated on when that will be available.

            If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to make an appointment with us please CLICK appointment button above

or call us at (970) 241-8134 or text us at (970) 462-7519 or email us at

Stay Healthy & Safe. We value every single one of you and are thankful for the love and support we have received in these last few months of hard times.

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